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    I got bored yesterday so i made two little short films about my dogs enjoyyy.

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    I think the first one coud have been good if the camera had been a bit more stable. Two very happy dogs there.

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    Yeah i definatly tried to keep the camera as steady as possible but you never know when the dogs are going to cooperate so i had to work fast. I think also the bit of shakiness portrays there energetic nature. I just need to tone it down a bit more.

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    Normally we request that you post one video per thread in this section so that there's no confusion about what criticism belongs to what film. In this case they're basically the same so I'm not going to delete one.

    If you really want to know what i think about the films, ask Midnight

    However, it's good to see you getting right down to doggy level to make the films. A dog's eye view is much more engaging than the human aspect.


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