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Thread: Timelapse video: Snowball melting

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    Default Timelapse video: Snowball melting

    I made a timelapse video about a snowball melting. The camera took picture every 10 seconds,and I get over 200 pictures. Then I put them together and set one picture lasts 0,05 seconds.
    Hope you enjoy!

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    OK - so what do you conclude from this experiment?
    What happens to the water that appears to disappear from the snowball for the first 2/3 of the melting?

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    I suspect almost exactly the same shot could be done without time lapse. Simply put a small piece of snow onto a suitable hot pan (or a ceramic topped cooker).
    However, it won't be exactly the same. You would miss the jarring changes in camera position and lighting (the usual telltale signs of time lapse and are two of the ingredients to consider when planning how to improve your quality).

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    @TimStannard well I just tried what it looks when snowball melts in timelapse=)
    @TimAndrews yeah youre right=) yes, I filmed it with my mobile phones camera, and the quality isnt very good.

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