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    Hi everyone

    Recently been asked my girlfriends Granddad if it is possible to get his old 8mm film to DVD's. He has around 30+ tapes all around 1 / 2 mins long and about 40 years old! Currently using ancient projector to set up and watch them. But I would like to transfer them to DVD and edit them into one clip or several clips with categories.

    Issue is...what hardware / software will I need to purchase to do this?

    There is a company locally that will transfer each tape to digital for 5 per tape, then edit them at 20 per work hour.

    Is this a good rate? (Ignore editing I can do that myself)

    Thanks a lot for any help it will be greatly appreciated.

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    Quick scout on ebay chucked this up - CINE CONVERTER - but how good is it? I wouldn't think very.

    150 to have them do it against fifty to have a go yourself.... I'd have a stab to be honest. A friend of mine had one of these companies do one for him recently an the results weren't exactly sparkling.

    EDIT - Just re-read the item description - unless you have a video input to your pc or a camera that'll take an analogue input and act as a pass through, or a converter - you will need extra equipment too.

    Analoge / Digital converters that are any good start around a hundred quid. Cheaper stuff is out there, but again - quality wise I wouldn't like to hazard a guess.

    EDIT AGAIN. A great converter (I used to have one) is THIS - and of course once you have it, you can go into competition with the fella down the road.
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    Some companies just project the film on a screen, then set up a digital camcorder on a tripod and record the projection. If that's no good to you make sure they are clear on how they do it, you could even give it a go yourself and see if the quality is sufficient for your purpose.


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    projecting it and reshooting isn't be what "Cine-Transfer" means to me!
    (er, so check it out as suggested!).
    My suggestion is to reel them onto a larger reel, so you get a single transfer, rather than several. However, these are irreplacable...don't let 'em out of yr sight!

    Alternatively, try several local Cine/Video clubs - they will know "how" to do this and might welcome showing an edited "cut" of the gentleman's films. A promise of a "donation" to club-funds does wonders.

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