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    I am having trouble getting started in producing this video. I am trying to to convert a .MOD file to a .WMV I am trying to take a bunch of .MOD clips and bring them into windows movie maker to mash them all together.

    What I am wondering is this:

    1). how can I convert .MOD files to .WMV and if a program is needed, what is a good free one to use?
    2). Can I cut and paste parts of clips and mash them together in windows movie maker?
    3). is .Wmv a good file form to use for watching on either a computer or on a dvd player?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    In most cases, you can rename the .mod file to .mpg and then these can be played and edited in most editors. Not 100% guaranteed, of course - but if you try it, it will probably be fine.
    Okay, so how do you rename the file extension?

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