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Thread: I beg for an Answer... ;[

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    Default I beg for an Answer... ;[

    Hi all, i am new to this site, i love using Sony Vegas, i have SONY VEGAS PRO 9.

    What i use it for is editing videos recorded from Xbox 360 to HD PVR, Call of Duty Video Game

    I need to know is my problem because of my Not so brilliant Laptop i use, or that i have some settings wrong.. [although i have searched for ages, and have same settings as many]

    .. my problem is when i import my video clip, it looks fine untill certain parts, where it becomes really pixelated and strange..

    in these pictures i have here, one pic is how its supposed to look, it is at a part of the video were the player takes hit damage which makes the screen tint red, it seems to be this were it messes up, the other is a screenshot of the preview screen in Sony Vegas, it also renders out as this bright white pixelated flash at this point, i really hope for help, if its my laptop i will get another..


    How its supposed to look

    What i get when i put it in Vegas

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    What method are you using to get the red tint.

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    no my friend, the video is unedited, the red tint comes over the screen as your player in the game takes damage from being shot, thats what happens in the game

    My problem is that when i import it into my project, the video becomes messed up as shown in the second picture... this happens at different parts of the video clips i import into sony vegas

    Im leaning towards the problem being my laptops graphics card or whatever not coping properly in Sony Vegas, but really need to know if anyone can tell what the problem actually is, im stuck making a video that people are waiting for because of this

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    > the other [the messed up one] is a screenshot of the preview screen in Sony Vegas

    The preview screen has nothing to do with what will be finally rendered. You'd need a super computer to be able to render the preview at full quality in real time. When I edit videos, I can hardly see what I'm doing in the preview screen because I'm using a 3-year old laptop, so I have to guess what transitions and effects are going to look like in the final render.

    Above the preview you should see a drop down menu with the options:

    These each have sub-choices:

    Set it to good -> full and your problem should change from one of bad quality to one of stutter (because your computer can't render it fast enough).
    So set it to preview -> auto or draft -> auto, and then ignore the quality (ie. any flashes, glitches, artefacts, blocking, pixelation, etc).
    It will be fine once rendered.

    The other option you have is to pre-render parts of your video, to take some of the weight off your processor. However, this is very time consuming, and still won't help that much in my experience. If I were you I'd just get it done using a low quality preview.
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    thanks -Anti-

    I did state 'it also renders out as this bright white pixelated flash at this point', i have tried over and over and it renders the same, even through a variety of different render settings

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    Ah, sorry. The comma made me think you were still talking about the preview.

    Out of interest, which player displays the footage properly? VLC? WMP?

    I don't know what your problem is, but I can tell you what I'd try:

    1) Remove and re-import the footage into the project

    2) Play around with the project settings. Eg.
    use the 'match media settings' option.
    change the "full resolution rendering quality" setting from 'best' to 'good' or vice versa
    change the pixel format from 8-bit to 32-bit
    check/uncheck the 'adjust source media to better match the project or render settings'

    3) Convert the footage to a different format and re-import into Vegas

    Apart from that, sorry... I have no ideas. It's almost as if Vegas is adjusting the gamma or colour
    correction because the footage is going dark red. But it wouldn't do that automatically - you'd had
    to have added it as an effect.

    The only other thing I can think of is that it is to do with 'macro-blocking':
    Video Artefacts - Macro-Blocking
    or at least, something to do with the bitrate suddenly decreasing when the screen gets darker.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.
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