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Thread: Project/file names and learning in general.

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    Default Project/file names and learning in general.

    Call me thick but I did not fully realise that the name you give a new project in Vegas ( I am using Studio Platinum 10) ends up the name of the video if you export to You Tube. So whilst the project name was totally relevant to my filing system it resulted in a completely uninspiring video title on You Tube.................just thought to be forewarned might help out other new starters ( hate the term "newbies"!).
    That said I have found the best way to learn both the software and the process of making a video is to just jump in and only use the help system when you get stuck......and to seek critical review in fora like this. OK you make mistakes but then you can always go back to a project and allter it. I tried studying the tutorials and quick starts etc and found them pretty useless. Without wishing to be accused of advertising ( I have no stake) training DVDs like FASST are on the other hand well worth the money in my opinion.

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    You know you can change the video title on YouTube once it's uploaded.

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    Default You Tube titles

    I do now ta

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