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Thread: Rendering format for Youtube HD

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    Default Rendering format for Youtube HD

    I am using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10. The original files are 1920x1080 AVCHD from Canon HG20.

    What is the best rendering format for Youtube HD? I found there were two different format suggestions through out the internet. The first one is Sony AVC m2ts 1920x1080-60i. The second one is V11 wmv 1440x1080.

    I did the tests on both. I donít see the quality difference shown on Youtube HD. However, the file size of m2ts is almost three times larger than that of wmv. For shorter uploading time, wmv is definitely the choice here.

    Another advantage of wmv 1440x1080 is Youtube gives the choice of 1080HD and 720HD selection on watching the video. There is no 720HD selection for m2ts 1920x1080 videos.

    My question is why people suggest using Sony AVC m2ts 1920x1080-60i format?

    P.S.: Flickr does not process the wmv 1440x1080 correctly. It can process wmv 1280x720 or m2ts 1920x1080-60i well.

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    Firstly 1440x1080 makes the pixel size anamorphic, which means it's rectangular rather than square. Most PC monitors have square pixels so it's best to render with square pixels this means you should render at 1920x1080. The next thing I would recommend is de-interlacing. ie Progressive again most PC monitors are progressive. No matter which format you you choose if you up load a 1080 image to YouTube it will give you a 1080HD and 720HD options.

    I can't recommend one format against another, I just stick with the format I'm happy with which is the MainConcept HDV .m2t format.

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    Thanks for your response.

    I could not find the MainConcept HDV .m2t format in the drop-down list of Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10. The closest one, matching your suggestion, is Internet 1920x1080-30p. Do you mind to check if attached is the right format?

    Is it normal the file size of 1920x1080 is three times larger than the 1440x1080?

    For the missing 720HD selection for 1920x1080 on Youtube, it was my bad. It is there. Maybe I checked the video too earlier before Youtube completed the process.

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    The settings look ok to me. I guess Movie Studio doesn't have the Main Concept format. You could if you prefer use the Sony AVC format and change the size to 1920-1080 ans select square pixels. This is really the sort of thing you need to experiment with until you find something that produces good enough quality with a small enough file size. As for the size of the file being tree times that of the other, I'm not expert enough to know but it will definitely be bigger because it is a higher resolution.

    One thing you could experiment with is reducing the bit rate this will reduce the image quality but if you find the right balance of quality over file size by trying a few different settings. As a bench mark a normal SD DVD is around 8.5Mbps HD is anywhere between 15Mb-25Mbps.

    Hope this helps.

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