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    Hi guys I uploaded a video a few weeks ago asking for some help and pointer on my video. Taking all of your points on board I have produced the final draft of my video. I hope you like it. Feel free to critique it will help me for my next video. I do regret the following however, lack of tripod and I believe the camera could have been better quality. Anyway hope you like it and if you don't hope you tell me why!

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    Nice video. Not sure about some of the colour work but each to his own. I still think your nuts for jumping off waterfalls in a kayak.

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    Irrespective of Midnight's comment above, at least the colour betwen different shots is much more consistant. The vid has a nice warm feel to it and I rather like the contrast of the Floyd music with the pace of the visual content.

    It wasn't that obvious to me about the location changes, and so the shots of arrival halfway through seemed a bit odd. Maybe it needed something to separate each location - just a caption maybe stating the location - or even the date. Or cheat and intersperse each set of clips from one location with a "travel" shot - it doesn't matter if each is actually from the same journey.

    But none of this is necessay - just suggestions really.

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    esxcellent film as as competitor in wenger patagonia expedition race in chile i love your video im usign FCE on mac what software did u use for the film?and what kind of camera?

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    Hey man I used a mix of FCP and after effects, The Camera was a simple JVC Everio handy cam no go pro was used. I used After effects to remap the time in the video to give some smooth slow motion shots.

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