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    I thought that was quite good. You've come a long way since posting your first instructional videos. May be a break in the music at some point with some some clips of us hearing you saying things like. "Every mechanic should have this invaluable tool" and "here's a simple tip about getting the timing belt setting right" might be nice. It would show that some of your work is instructional videos.

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    Indeed, a significant improvement. The shots of the vehicles moving in the earlier half made for a more watchable video than the mechanics working which dominated the second half. Consider mixing this up a little.

    I'm not sure the effects added anything, but it's nice to experiment with them. The colour coding towards the end seemed to me to work better than the "desaturate everything except one colour" shots (I've found the latter works best where there's a reason to do so, for example I desaturate everything except pink and ocasionally blue in a vid I made about Cancer Research's Race for Life - Pink was the dominant colour of the day and blue is the colour of the Cancerr Reseaarch logo)

    I'm not sure I agree with Midnight's idea but that rather depends on the purpose of the vid. If it's to promote your videos then he's bang on - except the whole emphasis of the vid needs to be changed somewhat.

    There are a few dodgy editing moments: watch out for these, they can creep in undexpectedly on anyone's timeline (see 2:25, 3.15 for examples)

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    Thanks guys nice to get some compliments... I must admit it was stitching that together for 3 days.... still have a lot to learn yet. The all but one colour effect I personally love although its not to everyones tastes however I am experimenting. Ponits taken .. thanks again

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