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Thread: AVCHD and proxy editing

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    Default AVCHD and proxy editing

    I`m new to this forum. I think I`m gonna like it!
    Here`s my question:

    If I have source AVCHD files at 1080/50p, do my proxy/intermediate files need to be at 50fps as well? I was hoping to edit DV AVI files (720 x 576 at 25fps).

    My output is SD DVD.

    I`m editing with Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum.
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    I meant 1080/50i (interlaced) ...
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    Hi again.
    I`m sort of a newbie to this, so bear with me.

    50i equals 25 frames per second, right ...
    Surely my DV proxy/intermediate files need to be at 25fps as well ... (?!)

    And what about rendering to DVD ... the frame rate should probably also be 25 ...
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    Me again ...
    I haven`t bought a camera yet, so I couldn`t test this out on my machine.
    But now I have clip I can fool around with.
    1080 50i -> DV 25fps ...

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    Yes 50i can be deinterlaced to 25p easily enough Ok, yes you can have proxi files at 25fps but I don't know if your software will make these proxi files 25p or not. BUT this is not really an important point at the editing stage. It's when you get to rendering it, that's the time to really make sure your setting are right.

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