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Thread: First Corporate Video

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    Default First Corporate Video

    This is my first attempt at doing a corporate video promotional piece. It is unfinished ie I will get the MD of the company to do a piece to camera and say the words currently said on the voice over at around 2:45. AND the van moving on the map will be replaced by shots of a real van.

    New version
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    Sit down, Midnight. I don't know how much of this is down to your brief and how much is down to you, but ....
    If I'm looking to get stuff delivered, I want to see parcels moving, vans, bikes etc.
    What do I see here? People sitting at desks ... for ages.
    Not until about 2:15 do I see actual packages being moved around. And I'd expect to see shots of vans flying down miotorways or pulling up at destination (with happy customers coming out to greet).
    Don't get me wrong, the other stuff is important, but 'm talking about making an impact with your opening shots showing, well stuff moving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post
    ..If I'm looking to get stuff delivered, I want to see parcels moving, vans, bikes etc.
    What do I see here? People sitting at desks ... for ages...
    Yep, gotta agree I'm afraid. I'd bin the stairs shots and replace with Tim's suggestion - impact, impact, impact.

    One other thing - and this is just plain picky - but I'm fairly sure you've used and O rather than a 0 on the first digit of the phone number... just looks odd?

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    Absolutely right chaps. I haven't done the "van" shots yet. Being honest this is a work in progress and in my usual lazy way of just put together what I had, hoping I could get away without doing too much shooting in the cold but you are right, it needs moving vehicles at the beginning to give an impact and not a building stood there looking boring.

    Good spotting on the O Andy.

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    Midnight - have you seen the British Rail Christmas Advert (if you haven't, search for it on Youtube)?

    That is what I would expect it to be like. Dramatic shots of their operations, vans, lorries going around - all types of weather, parcels moving, perhaps a timelapse of their distribution centres. As Andy said - impact, impact, impact.

    There's nothing technically wrong about your current work, but all there is, are people and telephones with a little bit of movement. As a customer, an ad like that wouldn't inspire me with much confidence.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Who are they making the video promo for? What customer is the video aimed at?? Is it for larger customers and contracts?.. I think the video is perfect for the small business and I don't need to look at it twice to know they run on a tight budget. The vans on a 55 plate are old. 6 years maximum use out of a sprinter then its scrap in that sort of game . You can see the rust on the rear doors in some of the shots that's not good. If I was a contracts manager for Marks and Spencers wanting to hire a company the promo is to long and too much info and a company that is sporting new and shiney vehicles ( Believe me I have worked in the transport industry for the last 20 years.

    If I was a careful businessman who wants a constant service and knowing my packages will get handled carefully then it is shown there...that is good. I'd consider that service. Simple imact is for the end user who couldn't care less about the compant. They just want to see package on door step the next day ...

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    Thanks for the input chaps. It's all valid and useful stuff. TFV you are right about running on a tight budget, you would not believe how hard things are in the transport business, if you don't work in it.

    I think I'd rather go for a re-shoot, something more like this.

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    Yes, yours is too long. Short and sweet works much better. 60-90 seconds max. And I would avoid showing too much of the livery on the vans which just shows that they are subbing. If you are doing a promo, there should be no other trade marks featured! Just my 2p.
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    I have designed it to be split in two, sameday and nextday. The APC logo is acceptable for our nextday office in Hull as we are agents for their network and everyone in that area knows LTG is also APC. The main problem with showing the vans is that they are all a bit long in the tooth, so I need to be clever with the shots not to show this.

    I have found everyones input to be very valuable and it has given me the kick up the arse I needed, I've already changed it a lot but still need to get some good action shots. I've even increased the speed of the music which was a bit slow.

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    It is better than I could do. Good luck with it all and hope its the first of many ...

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