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Thread: The How I Met Your Mother whoosh transition

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    Smile The How I Met Your Mother whoosh transition

    I'm trying to use a transition similar to the one used in every episode of How I Met Your Mother when a character starts telling a story and we flashback to the past. There's always a whoosh sound and the pictures blurs and zooms quickly into the next scene. I'm using Magix Movie Edit Pro 17.


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    Like the one at the 50-second mark here:

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    Nope, this one at the 21 second second mark and then again at 34 seconds:

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    Look again because it's the exact same effect.

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    Similar. Okay so how do you do it?

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    It's just a basic "slide" transition with a blur and panned audio. Almost any NLE can do a slide effect.

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    The sound can be added to the transition if using Final Cut Express or Final Cut Pro you will need to add the whoosh sound anyway. that transition is a very common one on the BBC at the moment ..

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