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    Hi all.

    So I bought this Canon Legria HF10 to produce videos for an association that hired me out for thus. This one got many raves for what it offers in its price range and for what this group can afford.

    But here's my problem and I am hoping someone out there has experience with this little camera and can help me out.

    Straight out of the box, with no settings changed, mounted on a tripod, on a sunny day, this camera shoots some amazingly beautiful HD video. No complaints there. Some footage can even be described as "breathtaking."

    It's when I take the camera indoors that all goes to hell. I've tried a variety of situations: ambient outdoor light flooding through a large picture window, standard 3-light setup, mixture, etc. I have fiddled with the controls endlessly, experimenting with all sort of settings, with a wide variety of combinations of manual and automatic controls, fps rates, aperatures, etc., etc., etc.

    In the end, all the footage I get looks like garbage, like something shot on 8mm tape back in the 90s. Flat, no contrast, dead colors, barely focused subjects, resolution what I would describe as low-def, not high-def, despite setting the quality-level controls to absolute maximum. And heaven forbid I try to shoot anything handheld, off the tripod -- the footage is even worse! And, yes, I've read the manual.

    I've worked with high-end prosumer and low-end professional camcorders in the past, for many years, with some measure of commercial success, so it's not like I am a beginner who has no idea what the controls do. I am just stumped by this camera for some reason -- all the usual techniques don't seem to apply. It's so frustrating I've stopped using it for indoor shoots. I know this thing is capable of producing beautiful images, though.

    So, anyone with any tips on how to shoot indoors with this camera, any help would be most appreciated! I hate the thought of this camera going to waste ...

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    Just to say, I bought a Legria R106 (250€) a few weeks ago, and it is barely usable indoors. Extremely disappointing.
    So perhaps this is a problem throughout the entire Legria range?

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    Problem solved!

    Two things:

    Upon further experimentation and research, the problem is solved.

    Apparently Cinemode is one culprit. This feature washes out color, and otherwise flattens and unfocuses the image, according to numerous reports. I made sure it was not set to this.

    Light. Lots of light. And then some more light. Beyond reasonable zebra limits. I brought in the lights closer and used them directly, without an umbrella or softbox.

    The end results are much, much improved. Not as beautiful as the content produced with natural outdoor light, of course, but very nice.

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    I wouldn't call it 'problem solved' particularly. I'd say you've been able to work around the problem because you're able to use external lights.

    For someone buying a Legria for normal home/family usage, where setting up lights isn't possible, I'd suggest to stay well away from this
    range of Canon cameras. The definition is garbage if you want to use it anywhere else except for midday on the sunniest day of the year.

    Worst Canon product I've ever bought.

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    Fair enough, "workaround" works for me.

    This is my first Canon (I've been a Sony man for many years) and I have to say I am disappointed with it for the same reasons as you, especially considering the price of this model. Without any studio lighting, my old Sony HDR-UX1E shoots bright, crisp, vibrant footage indoors that makes a mockery of the Canon used in the same way. And yet all the reviewers couldn't stop praising the Legria in such superlative terms. I'll be more careful next time, probably go back to Sony ...

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    lol, don't mind me; I'm just bitter!

    > And yet all the reviewers couldn't stop praising the Legria in such superlative terms

    Exactly. This is the first electronic product I've ever bought without researching it first. It was Xmas Eve and I needed a present for the wife, and we also needed something to record the impending birth of our first child. I bought it on impulse (over a Sony Handycam) because it was 'HD' and I stupidly assumed more definition was better. Actually, I didn't assume it - the box used all sorts of exotic and emotional adjectives to inform me of its superiority.

    Absolute rubbish, Canon! The SD Handycam (which was the same price) would have been a much better choice for me, considering that most of my footage will be indoors in low light, that SD would be much easier to edit on my laptop, and that the final renders will only be 6mbps anyway.

    I can't really think what kind of user the Legria range would actually suit though, if you need to cart your lighting about with you all the time?

    Unfortunately, it took me two weeks to get around to testing it properly (like you, for the first few trials I assumed I was the problem) and by then it was too late to take back. I've tried to flog it to my friends quickly, so I can get the HandyCam. However, I can't get rid of it without lying to them, and I'm just not that kind of a person. So I guess we will just have to have really grainy, pixelated baby footage!!

    Thanks Canon!

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