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Thread: Switching From Canon XL1 to Sony NX5U - DVD burning???????

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    Question Switching From Canon XL1 to Sony NX5U - DVD burning???????

    I have been working with a Canon XL2 for years now using PC/Adobe Premiere and all has been working like clock work. I am switching to ALL HD as my clients have begun to request so. I have decided that the Sony NX5U will meet my needs and my budget.

    My Question: once I have gotten my software and PC and new camera all playing nice, what changes (if any) will I need to make to my configuration and work flow to accommodate HD/AVCHD video. Will my same "old" DVD burners and Blank DVD-R blank media work? If not, what will?


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    The DVD's you need won't change, nor the burners. What you will need is good compter specs../..
    You'll find that, if that is covered, your workflow will speed up.
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    Thats true about the good computer. If you want to keep your footage in HD when you put it on the disk you will have to get a Bluray burner.

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