I bought this camcorder in October 2010.I have tried the camera for about 20 minutes at home and since then I have never used it again.Now I want to sell it because I don`t want that big camera I am planning to buy something smaller.The camcorder is professional and looks amazing.There are no scratches or any damages because since I bought it and test it I put it back in the box and never open it again.I also bought Camlink UV filter which I will add it for free.All cables,books and the original box will come with the camcorder.The camcorder is new(only home test for 20 minutes) and in perfect condition.If you think you want this camcorder you need to come,test it and collect it from my home.Thank you.
If you want to see and buy the camcorder I live in Hanwell,London so you can call me on 07808732603 ask for Ivan and we can arrange for you to come and check it.
Price: 2500 pounds
Payment: cash only
Collection: Personally