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    I recently purchased pinnacle studio 9.
    I rendered the DVD project onto my hard drive and using Roxio CD creator, I burned the folder "Video_ts".

    I have burned a DVD successfully (or so I thought) but during the middle of the DVD, the dvd stops playing (the picture freezes)..then jumps forward and plays a little bit, stops again..until it gets towards the end, then it start working properly. I have NO clue what to do.

    the sections of the video that works consistently is also subject to minor jerks in the pictures. How to I get the entire video to run smoothly??

    can anyone assist me?? It's been challenging, to say the least, to get even this far...and another hurdle!

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    could it just be a scratched dvd?

    You could try burning at the lowest speed possible, I think burning at high speeds can cause problems.

    I doubt it's anything to do with exceeding the maximum bit rate for dvd, if it was encoded in Studio 9, but it might be worth checking the encoding settings.

    I can't think of any other reasons it might happen. Hopefully someone else can help you out. Good luck.
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    thanks much. i'll try it..hopefully it will work...i know it's not a scratched DVD issue b/c i tried this 3 times already using new DVD disks. How do I check the encoding settings??

    But I ran into another problem. I burned the folder named "Video_ts" and when I tried to play it on my DVD player, it is unable to read it.

    The DVD player was able to read the DVD I burned directly using Studio (but still had playback problems). So I saved the rendered image and burned it later using another software program...but those will not play on my DVD player (but plays on my computer).
    Am I supposed to burn additional files or folders?


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