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Thread: need a digital camcorder for a school-within certain parameters.

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    Default need a digital camcorder for a school-within certain parameters.


    I have 700 budget.

    I am looking for a standard definition digital camcorder. The reason being our default editing software (windows moviemaker will not support HD).

    I also want to get a tripod, boom arm and mic out of the money.

    We have an account with the UK John Lewis store which would make the purchase straight forward, please see below link.

    John Lewis - Search results

    Any opinions and suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Most of the cameras in your link are capable of HD, with SD an option that comes along for the ride.
    Why not get one of the consumer video editing programs in the budget, as it will give you better options going forward and most can be obtained with educational licences.
    Remember that a half decent mic will cost a fair amount, as will a sturdy tripod which you will need in your circumstances.
    Therefore, with the other items on your shopping list, you will be going for one of the cheaper cams in your link. Make sure it has a separate mic input in that case.
    Good luck.
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