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    Question Audio Gain

    Could you please help me with following Problem:

    I have a recorded audiotrack, on which I want to get the voices louder.
    That means that the voices were recorded badly and have to be gained (with badly I mean less than -20dB).
    When I just gain it up then of course I get much noise.

    I already tried it with an EQ (for the matching Frequences) then a Lowpassfilter and a Highpassfilter (against the noise): Result: Not satisfying.

    When I just turn up my loud speakers I could almost say its an acceptable sound.
    I guess it's because only the signals, which are already a bit louder get increased and the signals which are very quite (like the noise) are ignored.
    So to speak something like a curve (like "curves" in photoshop) - The loud signals get increased and the quite signals get decreased/ignored.

    Do you have any tips? Eventually even with specific Toolrecommendations?

    P.S.: I know that the track will never get perfect but at least the voices should be understandable.

    ################################################## ############
    In German:

    Könnt ihr mir bei folgender wichtigen Sache einen Rat geben:

    Ich habe eine Aufnahme, bei der ein Kunde sehr leise Stimmen lauter haben möchte.
    Das heißt die Stimmen wurden schlecht aufgenommen und müssen dementsprechend verstärkt werden (mit schlecht meine ich < -20dB)
    Wenn ich es einfach nur hinauf-gaine kommt natürlich extrem viel Rauschen mit.

    Ich hab bislang probiert: Equalizer (für die passenden Frequenzen), dann Hoch und Tiefpassfilter (gegen das Rauschen) - Ergebnis: Nicht besonders zufriedenstellend

    Wenn ich meine Boxen voll aufdrehe könnte man schon fast von einem akzeptablen Resultat sprechen. Ich nehme ja mal an dass das deshalb ist, weil nur die Signale, die stärker vorhanden sind verstärkt werden, und das leise Rauschen einfach ignoriert wird.
    Also eine Art "Kurve" (wie die Gradationskurven bei Photoshop) - Die Lauten Signale werden verstärkt, die leisen gesenkt/ignoriert.

    Habt ihr Tipps? Eventuell sogar mit konkreten Toolvorschlägen?

    PS: Dass die Spur nie perfekt werden wird, ist mir klar, aber zumindest sollte man ein akzeptables Ergebnis hören können.

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    Normalizing the audio file will increase the volume of the whole audio until the loudest point hits 0dB. Trouble is, it'll increase everything equally, including the noise.

    Much better for audio is compression, which will make everything fairly level - again problem being that it'll raise the threshold of the noise as well.

    If it's simple noise (hisses/hums) then they are easier to get rid of. Hums you can generally get rid of with equalization (specific equalization - without being an audio engineer you probably wont know how to look for it - that's what we get paid for) and hisses you can get rid of with de-essing (sometimes) or there are specific tools audio engineers use to reduce background noise of recordings - sometimes they are more helpful, sometimes they are less.

    Unfortunately, i don't know off the top of my head any free equipment as i've spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on my studio - sorry!

    A quick google search of "noise reduction" plug ins will probably help you - along with sweeping EQ and you can always try out a de-esser.

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    As I read yr post the voice and background are too low, so increasing the gain just makes the noise-level greater.
    Your only chance is if the voice-level is above a steady background;- you suppress the background when it's below a trigger-level and allow the signal to pass when it's above the trigger (ie when the voice is speaking). However anyone with a "good ear" will spot this in seconds - it will sound rather strange. You can hear this technique on re-recordings of 78 rpm records.
    If it's not too long, you could adjust the volume manually in edit, but there is no cure for the presence of noise in the speech, unless you have access to a powerful computer.

    Have you considered doing the voice again? I note that you provide a German translation - so presumably your viewers might accept a "translation" - ie into the original language!
    +This would allow you to incorporate "sound FX" and generally improve the whole experience. If the voices are "known people" then you might have to resort to family members who often sound alike...

    What else have you tried since the original post...?
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    usually,I adjust my video volume 95db with ddvideo video to mp4gain,It can help me increase or decrease sound for my favorite videos or music.

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