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    In the nicest possible way I would like to rant about the state of Lo/No/deferred basis jobs. Now I know that this is an industry whereby there is little funding and little opportunities. Especially for the Indie filmmaker. However in no other industry do you find SKILLED labor taken for granted as in what the media industry is like at the moment. I would say that 70% of jobs out there are No pay or expenses only, these are jobs where they expect you to have your own equipment too. You pay over a grand for a camera and then still are expected to work for nothing. Now I know it is the way it is and that there are reasons for it, but still. here's just a couple of articles that agree with me.

    2010 Open Society ... to-see-it/ ... art-unpaid ... ience.html

    Are unpaid internships essential to get into the media industry? ... y-support/

    Theatre news, reviews, comment and features | Stage | ... ploitation

    Latest financial, market & economic news and analysis | Business | ... d-work-tuc ... ce-racket/

    BBC News - Call to end 'unfair' unpaid work

    BBC News - Intern fees 'salt in the wound'

    BBC News - Interns are 'entitled to be paid' says report

    BBC News - Interns 'exploited by employers', says TUC

    BBC NEWS | Politics | Are MPs' interns being exploited?

    BBC News - Should you be paid for work experience?

    2010 Carrotworkers' Collective ... litocracy/ ... ation.html

    Employers can end 'who you know' work experience culture ... ry-interns

    Internship: How the increase in ‘Work Experience’ is damaging to our economy and society | ... d-society/ ... e_id=53928

    Theatre news, reviews, comment and features | Stage | ... ships-jobs ... ternships/ ... 18068.html ... ent-rights ... on-charity ... 025668.ece

    The question is how is it going to change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mfrench View Post
    ...The question is how is it going to change.
    Unless numptys stop working for nothing - it never will. It only happens because there's idiots that are prepared to work for nothing seeing it as a 'glamourous' job and wanting an 'in'.

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    I feel your pain. These people think editors are some set of desperate fool. This is one for example ..... (The ideal candidate will come from a filming background and be educated to degree level in a Media discipline with interest in fashion and luxury industry. Applicants must be highly organised with a proven ability to work to tight deadlines, the chosen candidate will be available for freelance work.Unpaid. London travel and lunch expenses paid.
    Immediate start.) REALLY!!! DEGREE LEVEL!!!!!! for free LOL LOL LOL

    I am sick as F#@k of these people trying to get work done for free. After going to study this skill and buy expense equipment and softwares, for someone to under value my skill like any old fool can do it. I refuse to do any free editing for people who are looking for a free ride and video only benefit them. Credit my ass. so i vote NO to FREE edits

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