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Thread: Video footage to DVD

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    Question Video footage to DVD

    Can anyone out there please help?

    We own a Canon HF100 digital camcorder (new user) but don't know how to get the footage on to disk (presumably DVD?) I'm used to saving my photo images from a standard camera to disk via computer and thought (wrongly!) that this would be just as simple but it seems not. Presumable because the file size is so much bigger?

    Can anyone provide any information on how we can do this in easy steps bearing in mind we're a bit technophobic! Lol.

    Thanks in advance...

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    You can copy the video files from the camera via a USB cable, like a stills camera but when you make a DVD you need special DVD making software to put the file into the correct format and it writes other info that your DVD player needs to be able to read the disk. Remember a standard DVD will only take up to 4.7 Gb of data. How big are your files. Did you want to edit the video before making the disk. Do you have any editing software.

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    High Midnight Blue, thank you for your helpful reply...

    We are currently using (or trying to learn!) Corel Video Studio Pro X3 for editing and slowly getting there. Once edited (with music) we would like to put it onto DVD, but we would also like to put the original (non edited) footage on to DVD as well - but can't currently do either! The file size varies but the last bit of footage was approx 9.6 Gb, although other footage will be much less than that.

    You mentioned that we would need special DVD making software to put the files into the correct format (presumably to compress the file size?) Is there any that you would recommend for this or any downloads to try?

    Thanks again...

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    I'm no expert in this area and don't think I could recommend a particular DVD authoring software. I use DVD Architect which is part of the Sony Vegas family. It's note the most simple piece of software but will produce a nice DVD with menus, once you've learned it's ways.

    You won't fit 9.6Gb onto a single DVD so you could either split it into 3 x 3.3Gb and burn it as a data disk so you can go back to it and copy it onto your computer if you want to re edit. BUT to make a DVD that is playable on a DVD player I fear you would loose a lot of quality if you condense it enough to fit. So again I would rather burn to disks than loose quality but that's a decision you will have to make. There a higher capacity disks, dual layer but even they won't take 9.6Gb on one disk. I think there max out at about 8.5Gb.

    Another but more expensive option is to Get a Bluray burner so you can burn Bluray disks this will easily hold 9.6Gb. I think, but don't quote me on this, it's capacity is something like 25Gb or even 50Gb for dual layer disks.

    I hope this hasn't just confused you.

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    Thanks for that and it makes sense whilst furthering our knowlege......but one thing we can't get our head around when it comes to transferring video footage from the camcorder on to DVD is this; (now be prepared because this might sound daft!) How come we can plug our camcorder into the TV and whilst playing it, we can record the whole footage straight on to a DVD. Yet that same footage of approx 9.6 Gb can't be put on to a DVD via computer?? (unless it's put on to 3 DVD's) If that makes sense.

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    hya advice go buy premier elements.(about 70 pound u get photoshop elemets aswell)...and what i do is make bout 2/3 dvds 2h ours on each..then use elements to trim and edit then make 1 2 hour edited video for people to watch...gettin the 9gig from ur disc?.must be compressin it....

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    This will be because your TV/DVD recorder will be reducing the file size by recording in standard definition the 9.6Gb file will be HD footage. If you are happy down scaling your HD footage to standard definition I suppose thats fine. If you put the 9.6Gb file into Corel Video Studio and render the footage as an SD mpeg2, you will find the file size will reduce. I don't know what size you will end up with but maybe it will fit on a standard DVD. You will have to try it to see.

    Now that I've got my head together a bit more, now the kids are in bed etc. I've realised what your situation is. You can't put Hi Definition footage on a standard definition DVD so you would have to down scale it anyway.

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    Thanks for your time guys. Lots of useful information there....

    I think we may have also found another possible option. I've just googled Canon DVD burner and found the product 'Canon DW-100 HD DVD burner' for camcorders. It seems to have the capability to burn footage from the camcorder straight on to a DVD. If this works we can use this to burn the original footage to DVD and then carry on using the Corel Video Studio Pro x3 for editing and try to find out how to burn the edited version to DVD.


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    'Canon DW-100 HD DVD burner'

    I think the "HD" part is a misnomer. That's the DW-100, not the DW-100 HD. I don't think there is such a thing as the latter. The Google hits I got with "HD" in there took me to pages that only showed the DW-100, but the term HD was somewhere on the page having to do with something other than the product name. The DW-100 will let you record HD footage onto regular SD-DVD discs, but you're still restricted to the low capacity of those standard def discs except it will burn to 8.5GB High Capacity DVD-R DL discs also, but that's still not enough for your footage. Also, here's what one person said in a product review: " cannot play HD DVD's (the FXP and the XP+ modes) without it being attached to the camcorder. You'll need a Blu-Ray player or a PS3 to view HD content."

    Why would you want to buy something like that anyway? You can buy a Blueray burner for less money. Here's Newegg's page for Bluray buners just to give you an idea. That LITEON unit near the top with the 8MB cache for $99 is quite a good deal. LG also makes really good products, but my last two DVD burners were LITEON and they've been great and have lasted a very long time.

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    Thanks Swoopie...

    All points taken. However, can you burn a DVD on to a Bluray burner direct from the camcorder? Or do you still have to involve a PC?

    Also, I'm assuming that the completed disk (burnt via Blu-ray burner) can only be played if we have a Bluray player and not a standard DVD player?

    Finally, do you know the max amount of Gb a Bluray disk can hold?

    Many thanks...

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