Hey everyone my name is Nick and I work with Zooppa.com. Here at Zooppa we seek out filmmakers and graphic designers to create content for huge brands! We host contests for these brands and offer cash prizes for the best content we receive. The current campaign is for a 30 second ad for Ultimate Software's Unified, End-to-End Human Capital Mgmt system. I know its a mouth-full but for all the info go to Zooppa.com - Unified, End-to-End Human Capital Mgmt! The total prize purse is $5000 for the top 10 videos including $2500 for the best 30 second clip! All submissions are due by March 7th @ 4:00 pm so start creating now!

This is a great opportunity for filmmakers to expand their film portfolio into the business to business sector and differentiate themselves from other run of the mill filmmakers. So good luck and start filming today!