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Thread: Help with trimming?

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    Default Help with trimming?

    I am trying to split my video at an exact point, but every time I try it snaps over to the side, I took screenshots to show what I mean:

    Is there a setting I can turn on/off to make it not do that? Im trying to get the clips to go with the music but I can't because it's doing that

    if anyone could help i would really appreciate it! thanks

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    Options | Quantize to frames.

    (You want to split on something which is not a frame boundary so turn it off.)

    However, you clips will not go exactly with the music as they will still be rendered at 24, 25, 29.xx, 30 or whatever frames per second. Think about it: unless your music's beats fall exactly on those subdivisions of one second, you will have an impossible task.

    But, do you really think that a visual cut falling somewhere between even one 24th of a second woudl be distinguishable from one falling exactly on one 24th of a second?

    Furthermore, i suspect you'll find as you learn that cutting the video to coincide exactly with the peak is not necessarily as pleasing as one cut slightly before or after. Personally I prefer to tap alomg with the music on the "M" key (possibly playing back at half speed) to place markers on the timeline and then cut to those. This introduces much more "feel" than cutting clinically to the beat or the peaks in the music.
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    Thank you for the tips, I appreciate it

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