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Thread: Sony DVD Architect 4.5: multiple files

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    Default Sony DVD Architect 4.5: multiple files

    I am working on a project where one video is divided into multiple files. I have created a scene selection menu which works for continuous play and for skipping forward to each consecutive scene but when I try to skip backwards, it will only go as far as the 1st scene of the file that is currently playing. Is there a way to allow me to skip backwards past the 1st scene of the file that's playing to the last scene of the previous file?


    Scene selection 1 (first file)
    1: link - ......
    2:link - .....

    scene selection 2 (second file)
    1: link - .......
    2: link - .......
    I want to move from SS 2: link 1 to SS 1: link 2 while the DVD is playing.

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    The only options available is to go to the beginning of a scene so you would have to create new markers in the file at the place you want which would mean when moving forward or backward to the next scene it would be where ever you have placed it.

    If that makes sense.

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    Thanks Midnight Blue, I think I understand what you're suggesting...I think. With this solution I will still have the problem of moving backwards from a scene in one file to a scene in another. This solution will work for going forward but not backwards. Any other thoughts?


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