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Thread: Video lags after render?!

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    Default Video lags after render?!

    Hello there, I have a problem with Pinnacle Studio 14.

    I am currently making a project with alot of short clips(1-10 secs) put together and some subtitles here and there. But when I'm done rendering something is wrong! Some places the sound is off sync, some places the subtitles doesnt fit and other places the clips actually get shortened or somehow laggy!(as in fx a sentance is getting cut of before it ends or its just laggin')

    But when I press play on the timeline everything plays perfectly as it should!

    the original video is in 640x480 and I'm using the following settings:
    - codec: MPEG-4 (.mp4)
    - resolution: Adjusted (then it automatically makes 640x480)
    - 29fps (standard setting - tried changing to 25fps like the original video had)
    - datarate: 3800 kbit/sec (standard setting - tried to increase this as well)

    It has happened before - but then I just rendered again and then it worked. Thought my computer might had been working too hard while rendering, but I have tried 5 times now when my computer didnt do anything else - and it still doesnt work!

    computer specs:
    - Intel Core2duo 3GHz
    - 4GB ram
    - ATI radeon 5750

    Also tried wmv, avi, divx, mpeg-2 - but the same thing happens!

    Then I tried finding a small 1-second clip where a guy screams 2 words - and only render that (to see if pinnacle or my computer couldnt "keep up" with all the small clips) but it still makes it laggy/cuts something off!

    and the final clue I find out: the small 1-sec-clip changes if I fx remove the subtitle or put a 1-sec-black-picture before and after the clip. Sometimes it cuts the first word off, other times the second!

    So I'm really out of ideas - maybe one of you had the same experience or have an easy fix for this!

    Best regards


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    Default I just tried..

    I just tried to re-install pinnacle - then it worked the first time and I thought.. YES! but then I made some minor adjustments to the movie and rendered - and its the same all over again...

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