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    Over the last year I've developed a reasonable level of proficiency on Sony Vegas 9 (in no small measure thanks to the help & advice through this forum ) and am now trying to get to grips with DVD Architect.

    I've worked out the basics but one of the things I want to do is set a [Vegas] movie as my background but where it only occupies part of the screen, i.e. so I can build the menu and title around it. The only way I've found to do this is by using the 'Set Background Media' option but this then fills the whole screen with the selected movie. Is it possible to edit/format the size of the movie?

    Hope that makes sense. If it doesn't, just think the end credits on Smokey and the Bandits where the bloopers are running on one side of the screen while the credits roll on the other. Thats the effect I want on my menu page, but replace the credits with my menu options etc.

    In anticipation...

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    I think the easiest thing you could do is crop the movie in Vegas and then import that into DVDA. There may be a way to alter the size in DVDA but I don't know it.

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    Indeed you could do what Midnight says: create your whole screen background in Vegas (with the movie bit as a PiP).
    One way you (sort of) could do it in DVDA is to create a button displaying your media , then prevent navigation into it. This is fine from a remote controll, but unfortunately doesn't prevent users on a Windows PC from clicking on it. If you drop the button on from scratch, you can leave it with a broken link so that at least it won't start playing the scene as a fill screen video.

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    Thanks both. Couple of options to explore... Z's first.

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    To save time make the menu's in DVD-A, then save screen grab in preview mode I think.
    Drop Into Vegas and tthen make PIP, and will be easier to get dimensions correct.

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    Got it. Track Motion option in Vegas (to crop and PiP the video) and bob's your uncle. Easy... just needed that little nudge.

    Also just getting up to speed with some of these acronyms (DVD-A, PiP....). Long journey ahead me thinks but fun so far!

    Thanks again.

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