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    Talking Eye Trick

    well hello again.
    This time I went more for the special effects, editing it took me quiet a while and I am happy with it over all. it isn't perfect but good enough.

    I have to say the special effects took my attention away from the acting and the scripts. but I guess it is just another lesson learned

    tell me what you guys think

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    I have to say I thought the FX were really well done. Keeping the shots of the FX brief helped, but the eyes still looked spherical.
    The hit in the face was very nicely done. What technique did you use - rotoscoping?

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    Good job with the effects. I don't know how to do this sort of thing but it looked very good. Even to the point where I forgot you was hitting your self. So I guess you can't ask more than that.

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    tim: yea it is good old rotoscoping took a bit of time, but there isn't that many frames where it overlaps. it is less than a second. so not too bad.

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