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    Hi to all,
    first I would like to apologise for the mistakes, that i will make, but I'm not a native english speakear. Just to introduce myself in order to get a better idea of the whole project. i'm 19 years old, studing journalism at the moment. I'm interested in everything that have to do someting with cars . At the moment i'm writing for 3 magazines, and 2 websites. Reviews of cars, car atricles, news and etc. With the one of the sites, we're starting one new project. Video testdrive. That means, that it will hane not only pictures and text for the car, but also videos. I'm from a small country (7.5 mil population). This site will be the second one, which will offer video testdrives. That's why i want to make them SUPERB. I must make all the work - find the cars, write the texts, make the video and so on. Under "make the video" you must understand the idea of the video. I only give the main idea and there will be a crew, which will make(compose, edit) the video. They have 2 big HD cameras, and two small, mini HD cameras. What they don't make is the music. Here is the problem, and that's the reason why i'm writing this post right now. Can you tell me where to find good songs/tracks for car videos. I need various typers. For example for Porsche/Ferrari/lamborghini i need more "agressive/fast track", and for S class/Maybach/Rolls-Royce i need more "elegant/relaxed" type of music. Could you give me some advice?
    The videos will be something like this -

    Thanks, and hope that i will recieve help .

    P.S. It's in the right section of the forum. isn't it?

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    Are you looking for royalty free music? If so have a look through THIS THREAD for some links. I found a composer on who was willing to let me use one of his songs for one of my videos. There is no real substitute for trawling the around for music to find the piece that just right then find out who wrote it and email them asking if you can use it.

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    Lol, fast answer, thank you. What is royalty free music? Is that a music, that i can use, without paying? I prefer such music, because, I don't have time to wait for authours answer(I can try, if I like something very much)

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    Some royalty free music is free but others you need to pay a small one off fee to use it. It is music that has been written with either the intention to give it away for a credit at the end of a video or to make money from selling it. It is music you do not need a licence for like you would need with pop/rock music from known bands.

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    Thanks I will search for the suitable songs the next days

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    Hi Valentin,

    JewelBeat 99¢ Royalty free background music for video, film, website, games. Instrumental production music clips. has just released a paid selection of over 35,0000 tracks that are free from royalties.
    Best part, they are all $0.99 per song.

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