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Thread: Meditation

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    Talking Meditation

    Hi guys, I know its been a while. I'm back from film school at the University of Kansas and this is my latest work.

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    Not bad, but I didn't catch any meaning to the film. Was there one?

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    It's based off of actual meditation.

    It's about finding your element.

    The elements: Time, Water, Fire, enegry.

    Time constantly changing

    The water bouncing up

    The sparks

    The blue energy

    and at the end it justs becomes water which represents my element.

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    You don't wanna know my element, but I'm a rather large stack of it.

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    Haha Beefcake? Haha

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    With this type of "experimental video" it's hard to find the line between art and rubbish. This video failed to communicate anything to me about what you say the subject is. It didn't even communicate the message after I knew what it was supposed to be saying. I'm not knocking your effort to do something different. I just think this video didn't say anything.

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    The video has a point, but you have to truly understand the mythology of meditation to get it. :P

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    Please don't assume I don't know about the subject. The point is your video failed to communicate the subject to me. It may all be there but it didn't reach me.

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    Well it's all opinion so its all good.

    This is a video thats meant to be watched over and over, think about it.

    Time rewinds and fast forwards throughout the film = Time

    The sparks = Fire element

    Water splashing around = Water element

    Water dominates at the end then points toward the sun = finding your element.

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    OK. Let me put this another way.

    If it is required that the viewer understands all this stuff before watching, then that's fine: it's all to do with the context in which it is being viewed.

    For those of us who do not understand the stuff the either (a) the video needs to be so clear that this elements stuff is obvious or (b) you need to explain the context before we watch it.

    You state this is a video which is meant to be watched over and over - yet for the uninitiated there is nothing which will make us want to watch it over and over.

    This is not to say that one needs to state the meaning/context in order for anything to be enjoyed: it could be enjoyed simply for what it is. For example I enjoy "Tales from Topographic Oceans" by Yes (OK I'm one of the few who admits to it ) but goodness knows what they're on bangin' about. It works on at least two levels.

    If you make your video more appealing to the uninitiated, then it will draw people in to the deeper meaning within. Unfortunately, based on the comments above, it doesn't. But I think with work, it could.

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