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Thread: Export Settings for Web and PC

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    Default Export Settings for Web and PC

    Hi all

    New to the forum so any help would be greatly received.

    I have been working in video editing on and off for a number of years for various clients; mainly with PAL 4:3 and 16:9 footage. In the past I primarily rendered out the completed sequences back to source settings and dimensions and then used other applications to encode the file to an appropriate format.

    However I recently started using Premier CS4 which obviously includes the Adobe Media Encoder; so I decided to start using this to produce my final files. As more clients have started to ask for PC and Web suitable files, however I’m a little confused by the way the system handles dimensions and pixel aspect ratios (PAR).

    In most of the online guides (which are mainly NTSC based) they all recommend that the video frame size is reduced (320x240, 480x360, 640x480, plus widescreen equivalents); and that PAR is changed to 1:1 square.

    When trying one of the presets (H.264 – YouTube SD). This sets the frame size as 640x480 but as NTSC but if I change it to PAL it resets the frame size back to 720x576 (with PAR 4:3) – and when I change the width to 640 it changes the height to 512 instead of 480.

    I have rendered out versions with the 512 and 480 heights, both set at either 4:3 or Square PAR and I’m finding it difficult to decide which settings area correct. I also noticed that the final renders have black bars at the top and the bottom.

    What are the ‘correct’ settings for exporting for PC and web playback?

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    After choosing the preset "YouTube SD", why is there any need to change the 'TV Standard' from NTSC to PAL? Surely those setting relate to the output file; not the original source files.

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    Hi Tim

    You're probably right, all I can see it does is change the frame rate to 25, but you never know.

    The issue is mainly the black borders on the top and bottom if I resize to 640x480 or equivalent.

    Does this mean that I need to crop the video (on the source tab) to 4:3 therefore losing a few pixels on the left and right; or should I not see the borders in the first place?

    I have attached a screen grab as an example. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


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    I am wondering whether I understand the issue. Are you wanting to export a file with the same ratio as the source file (4:3 or 16:9, or whatever), but that Premiere appears not permit it? My school days maths suggests:
    If the source is 720*576 (ratio 5:4), and the output is 640*480 (ratio 4:3), then the black bars occur because the source has insufficient height. To maintain the 5:4; the output (for a 640 wide file) should be set to 640*512.

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