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    Hi Guys,

    Is it possible to run FCP twice at the same time. If you have two separate sequences, can you leave one render while you edit the other one? It would be very useful to me at the moment if it can be done!


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    Get a second computer?

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    No - sorry. I have a friend who is lamenting the same problem. Like Lyl-Ups above says, "Get a second computer". Of course then you're Final Cut license has to work for more than one computer.

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    Pssshhh who needs a license?
    I'm kidding of course, but yeah, a second computer would probly be your only option.
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    Final Cut Express 4 and Final Cut Pro 6 work at the same time .... how do I know.. because I accidently did it the other day but never thought to render whilst working on another project. FCP and FCE can use the same project time line / sequences between the programmes by the way..they are very simular

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    Quote Originally Posted by TFV View Post
    Final Cut Express 4 and Final Cut Pro 6 work at the same time ....
    That is genious!


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