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    This is by a young kid who subscribes to my guitar videos at YT. It's just typical kid's stuff playing Army, but it will give you an idea of the quality of the cam's picture in the HD video mode. It appears this newer version is quite a bit better from the older T1i model. It'll shoot at several different frame rates including both 24fps and 25fps (the T1i only had that goofy 20fps mode and then went to 30fps), and you get 18-megapixels with the new cam compared to 15 with the old one. The T2i is about $120 more than the T1i both using the same basic 18-55mm lens. You can get them a little cheaper without any lens at all, so if you already have a lens that will fit (58mm, P=0.75mm/1 filter size ), this is a fairly inexpensive cam to go with. B&H lists it (body only) for $700. With the basic lens it's $769. You get the typical 12-minutes of recording time in full HD mode using SD type cards.

    I'm just putting this up for reference. I'm not an advocate of using cameras to record video, but for those who wish to do so, and that were looking into the less expensive Canon line, I thought I'd add this sample.

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    good stuff, though some of the blood splats are a bit off !

    does the T2i have an external audio in ?

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    Yes about the audio input, but unfortunately, it's just like every other DSL out there in that it's only an 1/8" input and I doubt you can turn off the leveler system (I'm not sure though).

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    Look into magic lantern, I use it and it is amazing. It disables the AGC, as well as giving tons of more flexible controls.

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