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Thread: Vertical Lines on rendered Time Lapse Video

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    Default Vertical Lines on rendered Time Lapse Video

    Hi there

    I have recently got a fisheye adpter for my camcorder and have been messing about shooting stuff. and i have recorded a timelapse video. But the final product has came out with faint vertical lines accross the screen, im not sure if its to do with deinterlacing etc, not really sure am quite new to this..

    I shot the video in 1440x1080, 25fps, Field Order = upper field first, AVC (m2t format)

    I am using Sony Vegas Pro 9

    all i have done is open a new project with the "HDV 1080-50i (1440x1080, 25.000 fps)" template

    import my file, Sped it up in the timeline for the timelapse effect and rendered it to a

    "MainConcept MPEG-2 m2t file format" with the "HDV 1080-50i" default template.

    i repeated this process with the rendered file a further 3 times to achieve the TimeLapse effect..

    but now the final video has faint vertical lines across the screen..

    you can see here..

    here is the original video before the rendering.


    these are a screen capture from vegas, i can send the full video if this is not clear..

    I hope somone has got an idea, i am fairly new to all the this video editing stuff, so any help is appreciated..

    Thanks a lot..

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    No ideas anybody?

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    They are interlace artefacts usually from having the wrong field order selected. BUT you say you have Upper field first selected in both project properties and render options. Try de-interlacing and selecting the None Progressive option when rendering. If you render then re-render and re-render again you are going to get some deterioration of the image, this is to be expected.

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