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Thread: Red Video on TimeLine?

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    Default Red Video on TimeLine?

    When I import a video straight from Flash UNCOMPRESSED, I get a red video clip on the time line and the preview is black. If I DO try to compress it, it looks weird and REALLY bad quality, it looks optimal when I don't compress it, though the red timeline problem occurs. I canm play the file just fine. One problem I think it may be is that the video is 30 FPS (700x480), and my project is 29.97 FPS and 720x480. Any help, please? The file is about 780 MB big, and the comprssed ones are like, only 8MB. Help Please.

    Note, that this is an AVI file EXPORTED from a flash project (flash presentation)

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    I would export using the cinepac codec. It's really old, but very effective with cartoonish footage. I'm sure Vegas can handle it, and you probably won't notice any quality difference.

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    I actually got it. It was a problem was Sony Vegas 9. I installed Vegas 8 pro, and it works. It played and all, but later, the clip wouldn't play in the preview. and when I rendered it, it wouldn't play either.

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