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Thread: Reality check: uploading video to internet

  1. Default Reality check: uploading video to internet

    I made my first video today on my first camcorder using my first video editing software!

    My niece had her 5th birthday last night, so I did a test (in anticipation of our first baby
    arriving in 2 weeks, which is the reason I bought the camera). It was a blast, and I really
    enjoyed it. If I had money and time, I think I could get into this hobby! lol.

    Anyway, I exported a 3:45 long file using the Windows Media template (6mbps).
    The file is 156mb big.

    Now, I live on a small island, and the internet isn't great here.
    I've got a 4 megabit download connection, which is a maximum of 500 kilobytes/second.
    However, the maximum upload is only 0.4 megabit, which is only 50 kilobytes/second.

    That seems to work out at 2.4 megabytes per minute.
    156mb/2.4 = 65 minutes to upload this video under perfect conditions.
    In practice, it seems to be taking 50-100% longer.

    Is this normal? Are there many others uploading to youtube under similar constraints?
    Or should I not really be attempting to put stuff online using this slow connection?
    Perhaps video sharing only really for those elite who have huge connection speeds?
    Or maybe some people really are patient enough to wait 4 hours to upload a 10-minute video?

    Also, uploading using the youtube website interface, it seems to hang a lot.
    I've tried the basic uploader, the normal one and the java one - all are unreliable.
    Does anyone know if Picassa would be better for uploading the video?

    EDIT: Picassa seems much better at uploading the file than doing it through the website.
    If YT has an error processing the file, I don't yet know whether Picassa displays a message
    though, or whether it allows resuming an upload.

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    I get about 250-350Kbps when up loading to YouTube. It can often take 2-3 attempts to upload. It is a pain in the ass, sorry I'm English, arse. :(

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    Use to see what your actual upload and download speeds are. They're almost never as high as they're supposed to be. I only have a cheap DSL connection through Yahoo-ATT that's supposed to give my a download speed of 150Mb-s and upload of 50Mb-s. According to I generally get around 1.32 download and .33 upload, so my upload is right about where yours is at. Yes, a ten minute file can take five hours or so to upload if it's a high bitrate mpg DVD quality file. I usually just start it before I go to bed and let it work overnight. Out of sight, out of mind.
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    > I get about 250-350Kbps when up loading to YouTube

    I assume that's 300 kilobits/second? So yeah, that's about the same as me then (400 kbps peak).

    I guess it just takes a lot of patience and perseverance.
    Because of the proliferation of completely mind-numbing, rotten rubbish on YT, I assumed it was quick and easy.
    I can't believe people go to so much trouble to upload meaningless crap if it takes them hours to do so.

    Thanks for your reply too, Swoopie. I wrote the above while you were writing your response. Yeah, SpeedTest always returns high values for me. I'm going by the actual throughput of my software firewall.
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    I can't believe people go to so much trouble to upload meaningless crap if it takes them hours to do so.
    They don't call it the weird wide web for nothing. There must be a million web pages each on space aliens, the Kabala, witchcraft, crop circles, mind control, government conspiracies, on and on and on and on.... The idiotnet seems to be the place where all the schizophrenics of the wrold have come to roost and await the mothership. I really wish it would come fast.

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    I believe the trouble is to do with the way the telecoms and Internet work together. Phone companies expect traffic to be from the Internet to the home and make you pay loads of money if you want to have the flow just as fast from the home, that's why if you run a web server from your home web pages can take a while to load. It's like swimming against the current or putting things through the wrong end of a funnel.

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    I know all about internet speeds, but I've never done the arithmetic regarding video file size before.
    The only time I've handled video files, they've been downloaded DivX or XDiv (1.5 hours long, 700mb, with 'near-CD' quality).
    Going by those, I assumed a 10 minute source video for YT would be <80mb, and a 40-50 minute upload would produce a near CD quality video.
    I'd never have guessed that I'd need to upload a 6-8 Mbps render so that YT could spit out a 2.2Mbps version.

    BTW, I've been trying to render a 2.2Mbps file in Vegas that approaches the quality of YT files, but I can't.
    They are much worse quality, and over twice the file size of the YT ones.
    Does anyone have an idea of how to render comparable files in Vegas?

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