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Thread: Hong Kong Wetland Park

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    Talking Hong Kong Wetland Park

    Our video is talking about the nature,This is a video competition
    The video is taken in Hong Kong Wetland Park,
    Now,we are having the online voting in the competition , [/size]
    [size=16px]Please vote for us if you like the video
    Thank you very much!!

    Until 15 February 2011


    How to vote:

    First , Open the Facebook, and Play the movie , and look at the left top of : "Join " to join in the competition fanpage

    Then , refresh the webpage once

    After that , the video will appear the " Like " word , and click on it , this voting is finished

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    Very nice, I was enjoying this video right up to the end but then you ended the it with the music hanging in the air, I was waiting for the next note to conclude the musical phrase.

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