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Thread: Sony DCR-SR72 Capture Problems

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    Default Sony DCR-SR72 Capture Problems

    I've just got my first video camera two days ago and I've not been able to figure out how to properly capture content since.
    As the title says the camcorder is a Sony DCR-SR72 Handycam, for capturing I use a WinFast PalmTop Tv tuner.
    And I've tryied capturing on both my laptop (an Asus Dual Core 1.73GHZ, 2GB DDR2 with an Intel GMA945 graphic card) and my desktop an (an Intel Dual Core 2.2GHZ, 2GB DDR3 with an G-Force 7100 GS).

    My problem is that although when tested on a 41inch flat-screen TV the camera gave more than satisfying results (video quality) when I try to import it comes out all blurry and noisy.
    I've tried using both the software that comes with the TV Tuner and Pinnacle Studio 12 and most of the settings in both but without decent results.

    My guess is that the problem is the Tuner but I want to know if there's anything I can do without any or with minimum investments to fix this problem.

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    is there really no one who can help here?

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    Could you explain your capture procedure ie do you use a firewire to connect to the capture card or component cable or composite cable or USB. In fact am I right in thinking this a a HDD camera. Don't you just copy the files from the camera onto the computer via a USB cable or am I thinking of a different camera ?

    If I'm right no "capturing" is needed just copy the files like you would copy any computer files.

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    First off, thanks for the reply,

    Although it's a hdd camera all content can only be captured using either a dock and/or analog cables... anyway I cant capture via usb or firewire because the camera is a SH and I bought it without a dock connector.
    As I said in the first post I capture via a TV-Tuner using RCA and S-Video cables, that I just found out are the main cause of losing video quality.
    Unfortunately I can't afford to invest in a dock at the moment so I'll continue using the cables that I have, which leaves me with finding out how I can improve post-capture quality.
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