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Thread: Keying out green screen question.

  1. Default Keying out green screen question.

    I am having problem keying out the green around the edges with out cutting into the on camera talent.

    Any tips?

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    I believe having even lighting on the green screen is very important. You can then read the recent posts on green screen in the forum for more tips. Such as don't have the talent stand to close to the screen.

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    Is there a certain shade of green that works best? Or a particular kind of material to use?

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    Something bright and non reflective most materials will do but make sure there are no creases in it. You could hang a sheet or buy a purpose made screen or pain a wall green, it doesn't even have to be green. The key is getting a totally even colour. So it's easier during post.

    Another tip is to back-light the talent which will help to lift them from the background.

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    Does it help to get them away from the screen a bit then? I've got a green blanket/comforter I tried once. I tacked it to a wall. I think maybe I was sitting too close to the wall or something because I never could get all the shadows out of the blanket. I never tried backlighting because I figured I was supposed to light up the wall itself to get rid of shadows. It just never quite worked right for me.

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    Thats right not to close to the screen, light the screen to make it even, light the talent separately trying not to cast a shadow. I've never done it so I don't know how to o the fiddly bits in post with the chroma key etc.
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    Same here. I've only tried it a couple of times. The first time came out a lot better. But it's not something I have much reason to do anyway, so I've never worked at it. Maybe one day....

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    There could be a number of reasons your having dificulty and no one could know for sure without seeing the original footage. Are you able to show a sample?

    Here are a couple of tips for shooting green screen.

    Have your subject a good distance away from the screen. It is possible to cast a shadow on the screen, key it out to semi transparent, and use it as part of the final composite. But there are other issues from getting too close, the green light bounces off the screen and a green cast spills on your subject. This causes obvious problems in post. The further away from the screen the less likely you'll get spill.

    Always use a backlight. As previously mentioned you want to light the screen and the subject seperately. If you light them together they become related and blend together at the subjects edges, this causes the types of problems you may be facing.

    The backlight separates the subjects from the screen and gives a nice clean separation in post, it isn't really an optional thing.

    There are many modern keying tools that can aid in pulling a key if have lighting/setup production problems of some kind, but depending what the issue is you can only ever get it so good.

    It may be your all good to go and just using a useless keyer, or just not using it correctly. What are you using?


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