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Thread: Premiere Pro CS5 + BlackMagic Intensity Pro?

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    Default Premiere Pro CS5 + BlackMagic Intensity Pro?

    I'm currently converting over from FCP to PPro CS5. A couple of major bumps in the road.... one of which is external monitor output.

    I'm on a Mac Pro with a BlackMagic Intensity Pro card installed. When using FCP I could output the video directly to an HDMI monitor (1080).

    Can this be done with PPro CS5? I've set the player settings to BlackMagic Player but I can't find anywhere else to turn this on.


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    Yeah, it can be done. I don't know the details since I've never used (or could afford!) the Blackmagic cards. I remember though reading through a long thread at Adobe's Premiere forum about various problems people were having with that very card. In the end I think several people found a solution. So, if I were you I would mosey over to their forum and do a search for "Blackmagic". That thread was a few months ago I think.

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