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Thread: Any professional contacts?

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    Default Any professional contacts?

    Hello! I'm going to a media school, which also includes movie productions.

    I wonder if there are any professional producers / editors here, which I could establish a contact with via MSN or something like that?

    For the fun of discussing techniques, show works, and so on.

    If you feel that you want a "average" guy on you're MSN to talk with, add me. kimpettersen[AT]


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    Hi Kim and welcome.

    Which film school are you going to? I know that Sweden has an excellent film school in Stockholm, where is the Norwegian equivalent?

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    Hello! I'm going something we call "Medier og kommunikasjon" which directly translated means "Media and communication".

    It's not a private school, it's a college kinda thingy. Free though.

    We do all sorts of stuff, radio, audio, movies, pictures, papers, you know..

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