Never Been Used - In Mint Condition

I'm only wanting £1200 for this amazing piece of kit. So if you seriously want to buy, please get in touch -

This is worth over £2000 at Jessops!:

An amazing quality professional camcorder kit. Includes:

Canon XM2 Digital Video Camcorder,
Lens Hood, Wireless Controller, Compact Power Adapter,
DC Coupler, AC Cable, Battery Pack,
S-video cable - Stereo Video Cable,
Shoulder Strap, Large Eye Cup, Memory Card,
Interface Cable (USB), Software (CD-ROM).

A fantastic camcorder! The XM2 has a 3CCD Camera System, 20x/100x Professional Flourite L Lens
1.7MP Still Image
The box has only been opened to check the contents.
Contents have not been removed from their original packaging.

Canon XM2
Professional Camcorders

A high-quality, versatile model suitable for serious camcorder enthusiasts and professional videographers. Its advanced technology delivers unrivalled image quality in its class.


  • 3CCD unit with 470, 000 pixels
  • Horizontal and vertical Super Pixel Shift
  • L-Series fluorite lens
  • 20x/100x optical zoom
  • Optical Image Stabiliser
  • 2-channel Manual audio level control
  • Optional MA-300 adapter with 2-channel XLR terminals

The XM2's advanced technology delivers unrivalled image quality in its class
The new Canon XM2 camcorder has the latest technology and many useful sound and picture adjustments and enhancements to cater for a variety of shooting situations and preferences.
Its highly sensitive 3CCD unit achieves 540 lines horizontal resolution and super low light performance. A new Super Pixel Shift provides a wider dynamic range for movies, reducing vertical smear, and gives 1.7 mega-pixel high resolution digital photos. The camcorder’s professional L-Series fluorite lens provides 35mm and broadcast TV quality. It can deliver extremely sharp images and high magnification with less colour aberrations. An Optical Image Stabiliser keeps the image steady with no loss of quality.

And video recordings made with the Canon XM2 will sound as good as they look with the ‘Direction Accurate’ microphone giving accurate stereo ambience and less mechanical background noise. The microphone frequency has three modes to match recording conditions (normal, voice, windscreen).

Manual adjustments on the XM2 include buttons for colour and light adjustment, such as Colour Phase, Colour Gain, Camera Sharpness and Setup Level. Other features are Zebra Pattern, to indicate overexposure, Interval Timer, to record at selected times, and Clear Scan, to record a CRT monitor. A Custom Key can be used to assign functions used frequently.