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Thread: Burning to DVD+RW needed please

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    Default Burning to DVD+RW needed please

    I am new to the DVD creation game, and am trying to burn my first video. I have created a 50 minute film using Pinnacle 8, however it always fails the final stage of the process, ie the burn to the DVD itself.
    In an attempt to avoid using Pinnacle to burn, I then just created an image and attempted to burn to DVD using Nero 5.5.....but no luck. In both cases, the burning process looks like it is working (ie the buffer and process indicators in Nero all indicate activity), but I can never see a DVD afterwards

    I am running XP, with an NECDEV_RW ND1300A DVD drive. I am trying to burn onto Philips DVD+RW discs.

    I am thinking it might be a HW/Disk type issue, as when I place the disk in the drive, it says drive is empy, please insert disk. I have tried burning data(as opposed to Video) onto the disks and that works fine.

    I am at the end of my limited knowledge base now, so any tips or potential next steps would be GREATLY appreciated

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    I'm in the same boat, except I exported by first beast from Premiere 6.5/Adobe MPEG Exporter to DVDit.

    When I pop in either a DVD-R or DVD-RW to burn from DVDit, the disc gets kicked out and a "Media Error" message pops up on the screen.

    I wonder if the software doesn't like the hardware...? I can't imagine the CD/DVD writer doesn't like the disc.

    Do DVD-R/RW's need to be formatted at all? If so, how is that done?


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