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    Default SONY HDR sr11 PROBLEM

    Camera : SONY HDR sr11

    Ok, basically. We recorded a bunch of stuff, and we noticed in the end that it's SD quallity NOT FULL HD like the camera claims to have.

    I searched for the optiosns in the manual and pretty much everywhere and couldn't find any settings to make it RECORD in HD. the best thing i found was SD [ HQ ] which eventually proved to be REALLY REALLY CRAP, so much crap that it films A LOT WORSE than my Fujifilm Fine pix CAMERA , which was 70$ ( for crying out loud ) .

    How on earth do i make it record in HD? or is this the best this camera has to offer ? ( it costs 1000 ++ .

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    it should record in hd quality, i am using an hdr-sr1 for a fisheye follow cam at the moment for a skate movie i am working on. To set mine to HD quality:

    1. top left on the display screen there should be a home sign that looks like a house, press it.
    2.Now look at the bottom right corner and there should be a briefcase tab, press it.
    3. now a bunch of different buttons will come up, Movie setting, Photo settings, View images set, Sound/Disp set. Click on movie settings.
    4.Now more buttons will come up, First one will be HD/SD rec set, click it.
    5. Then two more buttons will come up Hd setting and SD setting click HD, done.
    (Optional) you can also choose what kind of HD mode, either xp, hq, sp, lp.


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