I'm looking to get a camcorder to start shooting my own content to increase my portfolio, i would like to get it to as near to professional quality as possible on a reasonably low budget. My budget is about 1000.

I am however unsure what camera to get as there seems to be a lot of options.

There have been two I've been looking at which is the Canon HV40 and the Panasonic TM700.

I plan to edit in Final Cut on a new iMac. I've used miniDV cameras at university so know about capturing that way and used Sony Z1s there quite a lot. One of the main attraction of the Panasonic is the manual focus ring (which does other manual features as well),seems ideal.

I have read good things about both cameras and wondered which one would be the best option, or if there are other cameras that I have not considered.

Thanks for an advice you can give.