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    I was doing a title for project of an idea I totally stole from "enc" and thought I'd use it to put something funny together until I do the filming for it. I don't know if it's funny but I did it anyway.

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    [pedant] "Let's" needs an apostrophe [/pedant]
    I'm not sure about funny, Midnight. This is one of the great philosophical questions to which we will probably never find a satisfactory answer. If you do find an answer, don't expect any recognition - at least in your lifetime

    But ... it was a nice little video. WHat is important here is the clarity and the timing and I think you got this spot on.

    My only criticism is I'm not simply me, I'm complexly me!

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    But is that complexity really you ? OR is that the layers of stress and other emotional junk accumulated during half a life time covering the simple being beneath.

    That is your quest to find out see you in a few decades. lol

    Thanks for spotting the typo. I wish I could take you everywhere as my personal spell checker.

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    Like that

    Is the music your own work ?

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    Like I said it was just a bit of fun after doing some titles for an idea I totally stole from you.

    Yes, If you can call it music. Another classic from my Tascam 244 days.

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    "Tascam 244"

    I go back even further to the Teac A3440s, one of th early 1/4" 4-tracks. Actually, before that I had that little Foxtex X-15 cassette 4-track. I felt like I really moved up when I got the Teac. Compared to the unlimited number of tracks we have available today via computer recording, it seems pretty lame now I guess.

    You know what though? I actually bought another cassette 4-track a few years later because all my friends had them, and I wanted to be able to swap tapes with them and play on each other's recordings. It was an Audio Technica RMX64, and it was probably the best 4-track cassette deck ever made.

    I had a lot more fun 4-tracking in the late 80s to early 90s than I ever have had since. It was this great challenge to see what you could do within such feeble constraints. You know, just to hear someone say, "Wow! You did that on a 4-track!?" Those were the days. Kids are so pampered today that, they feel if they don't spend a fortune on equipment, it must be garbage. They just don't get it....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Like I said it was just a bit of fun after doing some titles for an idea I totally stole from you.

    LOL ! .... so far, i dont see the connection ?
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    My grandson would say "That's Cool!"

    I have six honest, serving men. They taught me all I knew.
    Their names are What and Why and When. And How and Where and Who! (Rudyard Kipling)

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    That's because I haven't shot the interviews yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swoopie View Post
    "Wow! You did that on a 4-track!?"
    I always use to grossly over produce my music on the 244 . I think I was trying to get the wall of sound !

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