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Thread: Converting .mkv and .m4v files?

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    Unhappy Converting .mkv and .m4v files?

    I'm a noob when it comes to this stuff, but I think this is a pretty straightforward question:

    Because Premiere can't edit .mkv and .m4v video files, how does one go about converting them?

    I've been searching for more information online for a long time to no avail and was hoping that there was some universal solution amongst aficionados.

    Alternate question: After ripping a dvd, the files in a .vob file format? Same question for that.

    I apologize if I'm not being straight forward enough as I am an amateur when it comes to this, thanks!

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    Dont worry about formats. I think 70% editors have problem with that.
    there are 2 ways for handling formats.
    1) using convertor programs which convert m4v to avi
    2) changing the extention of the file (for example if u go to my computer and its sample.m4v change it to sample.avi )
    about dvd i should say some editing programms like Edius captur dvd directly.
    I hope it helps.

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    Why don't you try some online video editors? There are quite a few that are pretty impressive, useful and most importantly, free.

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    i prefer Xilisoft. Works perfect on either a mac or pc.

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    DVD .VOB files are compressed using the MPEG2 codec, which Premiere can play just fine. However, when you try to import it, Premiere does not like the .vob file extension. Just change the extension to .avi, or .mpg, and premiere should import it and play it just fine.


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