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Thread: Japan Lounge Music Video

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    Post Japan Lounge Music Video

    Hi everyone

    My 1st post and my 1st video

    Have had absolutely no experience with Premiere in the past, this was filmed with Canon 2Ti this summer.

    Looking forward to hearing your critique (i'm sure there will be a lot of mistakes pointed out)
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    Your in experience shine through beautifully. The main thing I would point out about the camera work is what's called hosing, which is moving the camera around like you would with a hose pipe. Learn to find a shot and shoot that thing then move the camera to the next shot. If you have a large view and you want to pan then know where you are going to start the pan and stop it before you shoot. You have some great things to shoot in Japan. It would be good to practice using your camera. If you can try and use a tripod to keep the shots steady.

    I won't overwhelm you on correcting lots of things as I don't think this wouldn't be helpful. Practice these points and you will see an immediate improvement of your videos.

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    you're right camera work pretty much sucked, the only shots i personally liked is in the beginning "the shot of the statue", "the shot of when the train bends straight" and "the shot when driving on the bridge" the rest is pretty much garbage.
    You described it pretty well, when picturing it in my head I imagine documentary quality videos. Nice!

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