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Thread: Need help with hardware requirements

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    Cool Need help with hardware requirements

    Just joined the forum and recently started using studio ultimate collection 14. My PC is a little under the required minimum Intel core 2 quad @ 2.4 GHz. One problem is my mother board only supports DDR2 ram which I have 4 GB.
    Everything runs fine except the amount of time with background rendering with the great green bar.
    I want to upgrade but don't care to spend the money for the I7 etc unless I have to.
    I have checked and can purchase a intel core 2 quad @ 3.3 GHz but before wasting any money would like to know if anyone out there has this processor configuration and does it have enough HP to get rid of the wait for background rendering?
    Apologies for my profile not being completed yet.
    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    I don't have your setup, but the more grunt you can give your PC as far as video editing is concerned, the better. The upgrade you mention would give you approaching 30% more speed, so would be worthwhile without having to build a new system, so if it was me, I'd go for it.
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