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Thread: Chroma key overlay edges visible

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    Default Chroma key overlay edges visible

    I am using Ulead Video Studio 11 plus. I always have visible edges when using an overlay with a transparent area -- chroma key or transparent image. I ran a test to try and determine the problem without success. I placed black color in the video track. I created an overlay that fills the frame, is total black with a large green square in the center (the green square extends to almost the safe zone lines). I used the chroma key function to key out the green square in the overlay. There is a very thin/faint green line still visible. I am trying to use the overlay function to add simple matte paintings to videos but the line is always visible. Is this simply the limiations of this package or is there something I can do to emlinate this issue?

    Thanx very much.

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    I'm not sure of the limitations of your software but I'm not sure your going about this the right way. Why not put the paintings on one track then if wanted put a black boarder on the track above. Or even easier just reduce the size of the painting leaving a black boader.

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    You probably will have limitations within Ulead as the best keying tools come in dedicated compositing softwares such as After Effects.

    What you want to look for is a setting that lets you adjust the matte, I don't know Ulead so I don't know where you'd look or if you can.

    Look for soften, feather, shrink, clean up matte/edes settings in your chroma key effect or possibly a separate dedicated matte cleaning effect. It may even be a layer property of some description. If you can do it i Ulead at least that's a point in the right direction.

    If your not sure, post a screen shot of the chroma key settings and I'll seeif anything looks like what you want.


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    David, Thanx for the feedback. I think I've reached the limitations of this package. But I did find a workaround. Instead of using the Chromakey function I created a transparent TIF image and used a color for the transparent area that would blend with my video track background. The result is that the matte line is now invisible. Thanx again.

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