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Thread: import quiktime animation to final cut

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    Default import quiktime animation to final cut


    i'm trying to import an animation sequance i made in google sketchup, i exported it as quicktime file but when i import it into final cut or into after effects the quality gets really bad.
    i know it got somthing to do with changing the settings or codec or somthing like that but i'm really cluless about how do do it....

    thanks in advance to the people of this forum, you have helped me a lot so far.

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    Hi billybloom. Importing assets in Final Cut doesn't change them. Dragging them on a sequence will. Your sequence has certain settings, i.e. the way you want the endresult to be. When you drag a videoclip on to the seqence which is 'different', Fincal Cut Pro asks 'should I change the sequence settings to match the file you drag on it'. That can be yes or no, depending on what you want the sequence to be. About Google Sketchup: try to export your artwork in a way that is as close as possible as you wanted sequence settings in Finat Cut.
    I hope my explanation is clear, English is not my native language (I'm Dutch). Succes, Jan Is videofilmen je hobby? Kijk hier!

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