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Thread: HD video making Vegas 8.0 operate VERY slowly.

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    Default HD video making Vegas 8.0 operate VERY slowly.

    I captured the video off my Samsung HMX-H200 HD camcorder through the built-in program, IntelliStudio. I have an hour of footage that came out to a whopping 7+GB. When I play the video on its own through QuickTime, the framerate is fine. But when I open these files in the Vegas Pro 8 explorer, trimmer, or timeline, the preview goes at a very low framerate and the program as a whole operates like a turtle. I already tried changing the preview settings to Draft and whatnot.

    What can I do to make this program work well with the HD footage?

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    Also, I've tried exporting the video files off of my laptop's internal HDD to an external HD that has 800 open gigs. The files are currently in MP4 format.
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    You don't say what codec the media is but I'd guess the problem is the spec of your laptop.
    Playing what you have in the timeline in Vegas in a preview window is very different from simply playing back in a media player program. I don't know specifically in what ways it's different, but it is. Vegas is not a media player, it's a non-linear editor. Lots of different things want the coputer's resources.
    Most people would recommend at least a quad core for HD.
    Incidentally to put the size of the file into pesrpective: a 1 hour Standard Def file is approx 13GB. So it just shows you how much compression is going on (which the PC has to decompress) with HD.

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    My laptop is built for this type of use, though.

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    That may be so but the proof is in the pudding, or something like that.

    If you reduce the preview quality it may run smoother.

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